Saturday, February 28, 2015
Appointed time for Separation Of Yemeni Conjoined Twins (Abdullah & Abdulrahman)
All Times are Saudi Local time (GMT +3)
Phase 1: Anesthesia
07:50 Preparation to transfer the twin to Operating Room
08:30 The twins are under anesthesia and artificial respirators have been inserted
08:45 The Team inserted the arterial lines
09:10 The Team is inserting the central venous lines
09:15 The anesthesia phase is complete
Phase 2: Preparation and Positioning
09:45 The surgical area has been sterilized and the urinary catheters have been inserted
Phase 3: Incision and Opening
10:10 The surgical team planned the incision site, opened the abdomen to prepare for bowel and urological system separation
Phase 4: Bowel Separation
10:30 The bowel separation started
11:15 The bowel separation has been completed
Phase 5: Urological and Gentile System Separation
11:15 The surgical team started the urological and gentile system separation
12:30 urological and gentile system have been completely separated and the orthopedic team now will divide the pelvic bones
Phase 6: Orthopedics
13:00 The Orthopedic Team separated pelvic bones completely and the Team will divide the back side of the pelvis
13:15 This phase has been completed successfully and the Team now is preparing for next phase
Phase 7: Reconstruction
13:20 The Team will be divide to 2 teams A-B & Wounds for Abdullah & Abdulrahman are being closed now
Phase 8: Dressing and Coverage
17:00 The " Dressing Phase " has been completed successfully
17:20 The separation surgery for the Yemeni Conjoined Twin have been completed successfully. The two boys have been transported to the PICU