Sunday, May 05, 2014
Appointed time for Separation Of Saudi Conjoined Twins Rana and Raneem
All Times are Saudi Local time (GMT +3)
Phase 1: Anesthesia
07:50 Preparation to transfer the twin to Operation Section
08:00 Rana and Ranim will be under anesthesia under the supervision of Dr. Nezar Al Zughaibi, and necessary Catheters will be inserted.
The time scheduled for this step has been shortened to be one hour and 10 minutes, due to the highly experienced Anesthesiology team headed by Dr. Nezar Al Zughaibi
Phase 2: Preparing and Prepping and Radiological Mapping
10:38 This step involves preparing and prepping the twin’s skin for incisions, it also covers the Radiological Mapping
Phase 3: A. Opening of the Skin and removal of some tissue expanders - B.Craniotomy (Neurosurgery)
11:25 A. An incision will be made with the assistance of Dr. Manaf Al Azzawi and Dr. Nasser Al Hodaib along with the Neurosurgery team to further assist in this step
  B. An incision into the skull between the twins will be made by Dr. Merdas Al Otaibi and Dr. Moutasem Azzubi along with the assistance of Dr. Goodrich and Dr. Al Ferayan
Phase 4: Microscopic Separation (Neurosurgery)
13:00 This step will be done under the microscope; in which the two brains will be separated along with separating the veins and arteries. It will be performed by Dr. Al Ferayan, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Yamany, Dr. Ali Bin Salamah, Dr. James T. Goodrich and will be assisted by Dr. Merdas Al Otaibi and Dr. Moutasem Azzubi
Phase 5: Separation of the Twins (including Backwall Separation & rotation the twins)
17:20 The twins are now turned over in order to reach the other side of the head; an incision has been made in order to detach the remaining skin as well as the separating of the remaining adhesion in the skull has started
21:30 This step marked the complete separation of the twins with the participation of the entire Neurosurgical team. The twins will now be transferred to two separate operating beds where two Neurosurgical teams will be working on patching the meninges
Phase 6: DURA Reconstruction for both babies
22:10 This phase will be performed by Two teams of Neurosurgery
Phase 7: Skull Reconstruction for both babies
23:25 This phase will be performed by both the Neurosurgical team and the Plastic surgery team
Phase 8: Skin Closure (Neurosurgery and Plastic)
00:10 Both the plastic surgery team and the Neurosurgical team will close the wounds
00:25 The separation surgery for the Saudi Conjoined Twins "Rana and Raneem" has been completed successfully. The two boys have been transported to the PICU