17 March 2011
Appointed time for Separation Of Algerian Conjoined Twins Sara and Ikram
All Times are Saudi Local time (GMT +3)
Phase 1: Anesthesia:
07:30 The Algerian twin have been in the operation room
07:55 Ikram had her anesthesia with no problems, then Sara was anesthetized too with no complication
08:30 The Team is inserting the arterial line and the central venous lines
09:55 The Phase 1 has been completed successfully without any complications, X-ray was done confirmed the positioning of the lines and endotracheal tubes
Phase 2: Preparing and Prepping
10:00 This phase started few minutes ago by planning the incisions site then the preparation and positioning
Phase 3: Incision and Opening
10:25 Skin incision was made, followed by underling tissue, the incision was carried between 2 vaginae, and then the peritonium was opened
Phase 4: Urology
10:30 The separation of the 2 gentalias and the 2 urethras (Urogenital Systems) of Sara & Ikram were done, each twin has complete gentalia & Urological System
Phase 5: Pediatric
11:00 The separation of the anus and the lower part of the rectum was done successfully with no complications The twin were sharing the lower part of the rectum and the anal canal.
12:00 This stage had been completed successfully with no complications. The Team will now flip the Twin to the other side to start the next phase
Phase 6: Neurosurgery
12:45 The Team started the separation of the spinal cord, this phase will take approximately 3 hours
14:30 The spinal cord had been separated successfully
Phase 7: Orthopedics
15:00 The lower part of the back bones "sacram" has been separated successfully
Phase 8: Reconstruction
15:15 Separation of The Twins to (2) Tables A & B, where the wounds are being closed
Phase 9: Dressing and Coverage
19:00 The Algerian twin have been successfully separated
19:10 The separation surgery for the Algerian Conjoined Twin has been completed successfully. The tow girls have been transported to the PICU