Monday, 02 July 2007
Appointed time for Separation Of The Conjoined Saudi Twins
All Times are Saudi Local time (GMT +3)
PHASE 1: Anesthesia
07:30 The twin have been in the Operation Room, phase one started few minutes ago
07:45 Abdulrahman had his anesthesia with no problems, then Abdullah was anesthetized too with no complications, with insertion of Endotrecheal tube & the twins are on ventilator
08:15 The team is inserting the arterial line and the central venous lines
09:45 Phase 1 completed successfully
PHASE 2: Preparing & Planning for Skin Incision
10:00 This phase started few minutes ago by planning the incisions site then the preparation and positioning
10:15 Skin incision was made, followed by underling tissue
PHASE 3: Separation of the Chest, Liver & Bowel
10:35 The Surgical Team opened the chest and separated the organ then open the abdomen and start separating the shared liver
11:45 The liver has been successfully separated as well as the crossed blood vessels
12:30 The team now will start separation of intestine
13:00 The separation of the small bowel was done. Phase three has been completed successfully
PHASE 4: Urology Separation
13:15 The separation of the Urology System is starting now
13:30 The colovsical fistula has been identified. & separated successfully
PHASE 5: Genital Separation
14:00 The separation of the Genital System is stating now
14:30 The Urinary & the Genital Systems have been separated without any complications, each boy have separated urinary bladder & Male Genital System
15:00 This phase was completed successfully & the Team preparing to flip the twin
15:30 The twin flipped to separate the shared abdominal wall & the shared pelvic wall with separated of the rudimentary lower limb
PHASE 6: Joined Lower Extremity Separation
15:45 The separated of the joined lower extremity has been started by the Plastic & Orthopedic Surgeons
17:15 The rudimentary lower limb has been successfully separated & the Team starting to separate the abdominal wall from the back side to expose and start pelvic separation
PHASE 7: Pelvis Separation
17:30 The separated of the Pelvis has been started now
18:00 The orthopedic surgeons have been separated the pelvic from the back with no complications then the rest of pelvic muscles separated as well
PHASE 8: Twin Separation
18:10 The twins has been successfully separated, Abdulrahman & Abdullah has been moved to separate beds for the first time. The Team will be divide to 2 teams A-B
PHASE 9: Organs reconstruction + G – J tube
18:30 The organs reconstruction has been started now
19:00 Wounds for Abdulrahman & Abdullah are being closed
19:30 Gastric & Jujunestomy tubes has been inserted successfully
20:30 Wounds for Abdulrahman & Abdullah are being closed
PHASE 10: Dressing & Transferring twin to PICU
22:45 The " Dressing Phase " has been completed successfully
23:10 By God’s willing, the separation surgery for the Saudi Conjoined Twins “Abdulrahman & Abdullah” has been completed successfully. The two boys have been transported to the PICU