Saturday, 20 June 2009
Appointed time for Separation Of The Conjoined Morocian Twins
All Times are Saudi Local time (GMT +3)
Phase 1: Anesthesia
07:15 Preparation to transfer the twin to Operation Section
07:30 The twin Azizah and Saeedah - have been in the Operation Room
07:45 Preparation to start the Phase 1-Anesthesia
08:45 Phase 1 has been completed successfully without any complications, and the team now preparing to start next phase
Phase 2: Preparing & Prepping
09:30 This phase has been completed successfully. The team preparing the twin for the next phase
Phase 3: Incision & Opening
09:45 This phase started few minutes ago by planning the incisions site then the preparation and positioning
10:40 skin incision was made, followed by underling tissue, the incision was carried to the deep structure then the peritonium was opened
They started the separation of the exposed side of the twins skin and the abdomen wall muscles also separation junction of the conjoined ribs
10:45 the separation of the paracardium is going on
Phase 4: Separation of Liver & Pancreas
10:50 now they start releasing the liver in preparation for separation using the ultrasonic scalpel
11:00 starting now to identify the joining parts, the liver level, Bellary tree, pancreas, duodenum and proximal small bowel. Then the separation of the Bellary tree giving enough part to each twin.
11:45 The team now is doing cholangiogram the twin to identify the Bellary tree
13:30 operative cholangiogram identified the biliary anatomy then the liver separation started and it is in the final stage now, after which biliary tree will start
15:30 the liver separation has been completed successfully and started biliary duct and pancreatic separation
17:15 The anatomy of biliary tract & the pancreatic have been successfully identified & phase 5 has started
Phase 5: Separation of bowel
18:05 the bowel has been successfully separated
Phase 6: Reconstruction
18:30 The twin has been successfully separated & moved to separated bed for the first time. The Team will be divide to 2 teams A-B
Phase 7: Dressing & Coverage
19:45 Wounds for Azizah and Saeedah are being closed now
20:30 The " Dressing Phase " has been completed successfully
21:10 separation surgery for the Moroccan Conjoined Twin “Azizah and Saeedah” have been completed successfully. The tow girls have been transported to the PICU