Thursday, April 10, 2014
Appointed time for Separation Of Iraqi Conjoined Twins Chris and Christian
All Times are Saudi Local time (GMT +3)
Phase 1: Anesthesia
08:15 Preparation to transfer the twin to Operation Section
08:20 The twin Chris and Christian have been in the Operation Room
08:30 Preparation to start the Phase 1-Anesthesia
09:05 Twin successful intubated, the IV lines are inserted
09:30 Central venous lines has been inserted
10:00 the Team preparing to do the X-Ray
10:15 The epidural catheter has been inserted for Chris
10:20 The epidural catheter has been inserted for Christian
Phase 2 – Preparing and Prepping
10:25 This phase started few minutes ago by Preparing & Prepping
Phase 3 – Incision And Opening
10:30 The incision has been started
Phase 4 – Separation (Liver)
11:00 Preparation to start the Phase
11:45 This phase has been completed successfully and the Team now is preparing for next phase
11:55 The twin have been moved to separated bed for the first time
Phase 5 – Reconstruction
12:00 The Team will be divide to 2 teams A-B & Wounds for Chris and Christian are being closed now
Phase 6 – Dressing and Coverage
13:00 The " Dressing Phase " has been completed successfully
13:15 Oxygen have been removed from Christian inside the OR for the first time in Conjoined Twin Separation
13:45 The separation surgery for the Iraqi Conjoined Twin “Chris and Christian” have been completed successfully. The tow boys have been transported to the PICU