Saturday, 21 April 2007
Appointed time for Separation Of The Conjoined Cameroonian Twins
All Times are Saudi Local time (GMT +3)
07:30 The twin have been in the Operation Room
7:45 Both babies have been anesthetized with no problems
08:00 the team is inserting the arterial line and the central venous lines
09:00 Phase 1 completed successfully (breathing tubes have been inserted- central venous lines- arterial line)
PHASE 2: Preparing & planning for Skin
09:20 This phase started few minutes ago by planning the incisions site then the preparation and positioning
PHASE 3: Separation of the Chest, Liver & Bowel
10:00 Skin incision was made, followed by underling tissue, the incision was carried between 2 vaginae, and notice shared pericordum and liver. The separation of the liver and pericordum is taking place now
11:00 The shared colon was separated successfully and the proximal part given to Shevoboh and the distal colon given to Pheinbom also the shared small bowel given to Shevoboh, and have been notice that each twin has enough small bowel to survive
PHASE 4: Urology Separation
12:00 The team started the separation of the urinary bladder and the genital systems
01:00 The urinary bladder and the upper genital systems have been separated successfully and the team is working now on the lower urinary and genital systems to complete this phase
PHASE 5: Genital Separation
02:00 The urinary and the genital systems have been separated without any complications, and the team now will start the next phase
02:30 The twin flipped to separate the shared abdominal wall and the shared pelvic wall with separated of the rudimentary lower limb
PHASE 6: Joined lower extremity separation
03:00 The surgical team now separating the rudimentary shared lower limb
03:30 The rudimentary lower limb has been successfully separated
PHASE 7: Pelvis Separation
04:00 The orthopedic surgeons are separating the pelvic from the back then the rest of pelvic muscles separated will be separated as well
04:30 The pelvic has been successfully separated
PHASE 8: Twin Separation
05:30 The twins has been successfully separated & moved to separate beds for the first time. The Team will be divide to 2 teams A-B
PHASE 9: Organs Reconstruction
06:00 Wounds for Shevoboh and Pheinbom are being closed
PHASE 10: Dressing & Transferring twin to PICU
10:45 The " Dressing Phase " has been completed successfully
11:00 The separation surgery for the Cameroonian Twins “Pheinbom & Shevoboh” has been completed successfully. The two girls have been transported to the PICU